Hello from Cambridge, UK!

Hello from Cambridge, UK!

I am Leif, and it is lovely to make your acquaintance! I am a slightly-mad Engineering type who drinks far too much Pepsi Max and enjoys being outside on two wheels, powered or otherwise. By day, I am a Senior Software Developer building the future of best-in-class hardware-based cryptography solutions. By night, I am creating wheelchair-accessible virtual reality experiences. When the warmer, brighter months roll-around I love to get behind the controls as a pilot of light powered aircraft and acrobatic sailplanes. I like to think that mine is the classic Cambridge story: I moved here from afar to build the next big thing before falling madly in love with the architecture, life and vibrance of this wonderful city that I call my home.

My partner, Laura, and I.

I’m an avid baker (ask me about my killer cookie recipe); Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox and PC gamer; cyclist (but please don't make me go up hills) and general outdoorsy-type. I love to walk, rollerblade, kayak, canoe and climb stuff (preferably indoors). I am a self-professed "Champion of Goats", I think mustard is the objectively worst condiment (a hill I will die on) and I never put the milk in first. I am a firm believer that geese are the best species of bird. My other passions include photography, Lego, Pokemon and competitive Pepsi Max consumption.

I am not just a pretty face, though: My engineering skills range a spectrum of languages, technologies and processes. When coupled with my supportive demeanour and enthusiastic attitude toward personal and team growth, I can confidently build solutions that ensure swift deployment and sustained customer satisfaction. I am organised, efficient, approachable and deliver consistently strong results on time in challenging scenarios and dynamic work environments. I take pride in my plain-language code and readily understood technical documentation. I communicate ideas with eloquence and engage customers and colleagues with infectious exuberance.

I am interested in research in the areas of cryptography, machine learning, virtual reality and accessibility. My existing research, undertaken with the University of Lincoln, focuses on accessible control technology for virtual reality.

Cover photo by Jean-Luc Benazet on Unsplash.